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INFORMATION - Our hotel is temporarily closed. The reopening of ours facilities is scheduled for 04/06/21, however dependent of the pandemic evolution and the return of tourist demand, which can result in the extension of this date.

The city of Bragança is widely known for its medieval heritage. Travel through history using our walking paths and enjoy all the cultural and landscape surroundings. The streets of the city are witnesses of a history dating back to the Bronze Age. The castle and the old Citadel of Bragança are located on the left bank of River Fervença. “Torre de Menagem”, where the Military Museum currently operates, was considered one of the most beautiful and well preserved monuments in Portugal. Climb to the top of its walls and enjoy “Montesinho” Mountain, “Sanabria” Mountain, “Rebordões” Mountain “and “Nogueira” Mountain.

Take advantage of your stay to get to know all the cultural heritage of the country villages, where ancestral traditions and authentic rurality persist.

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The hotel is located just 1 km from the historical center, in one of the most attractive and beautiful areas of Bragança. Framed in nature and with fantastic views to the Bragança Castle and “Montesinho” Mountain.